Best Britax Pavilion 70-G3 Convertible Car Seat Seat, Biscotti

Britax Pavilion

This is My Opinion About This Product

After I buy this New Britax Pavilion 70-G3 Convertible Car Seat Seat, Onyx (Baby Product)
I read everything on convertible carseats: differences between EPP and EPS foams, safety features and whats really important, fabrics, faulty manufacturing, recalls, ease of installing, etcetcetc. Surprisingly, after reading EVERYTHING, I nailed it down to 4 that I wanted to look at in person which were:

Recaro Proride


Peg Premo


How I ruled out the 4 above:

Recaro ProRide - its quite a bit taller and I am pretty sure it wouldn't fit in the middle of our Audi Q5. It also doesn't have EPS or EPP foam in the side walls where as the Britax does. Granted, it isn't safety law to have foam on the side walls but if you can have it, why not get a seat that has it.

Diono - EXTREMELY tall and would also not work in our car. I also didn't care for the fabric. It doesn't sit as low as the britax does and from all my research I learned that it's safer for the child to sit low in the seat like a bucket. It is really heavy but I wouldn't mark it down for that because we would be putting it in the car and leaving it.

Peg Perego - honestly, it's pretty much the same seat as the Britax. I would call it the Italian version of the Britax. I didn't choose it because the price point I could get the Britax for was better

Snugli - after narrowing down it came between buying this seat and the Britax. I loved that the fabric is cooling since my daughter is a toaster oven and I really wanted to get it for that fact plus its super cushy and the fabric is slick. When I put my daughter in it, her head was pushed forward while her body sat back in the seat. The pillow on top is tooooo cushy and she ended up looking really uncomfortable. Granted, my daughter is a little girl at 13mo, 18lbs, 27".

Now, why I chose the Pavilion vs the other models:

Advocate - only difference is that it has hard plastic + eps foam on the outer side of the seat. It's supposed to protect someone sitting next to the car seat as well as the baby inside the seat from getting hit by something on the side. In my opinion, that bit on the side is really hard and if you were sitting next to it, you'd still get hurt. I also thought the added width wouldn't fit in the middle of our back seat. I want her in the middle which would be safer than by the window so the side plastic bits aren't really necessary for us.

Boulevard - only difference is that it doesn't have CS (click safe) In fact, the Boulevard CS is now called the Pavilion. We thought it was worth the extra $20 bucks to get a seat with CS, why not?

Marathon - only difference is it doesn't have CS and it doesn't have EPP head cushions. I put my daughter in this too and since she is tiny, I liked that the Pavilion head rest hugged her a little more.

Why Britax:

- because I liked that it uses EPP foam which is better quality foam than EPS.

- assembled in the US. Yeah, its foreign parts but my thought was that maybe while their assembling in the US, if they saw a flaw in a part they might call it out. That could be totally false but hey, it's just what I think =p

- I am a germaphobe, so I like that I can take off the cover super easy and clean it =D

- I can adjust it around my little kid

- I figure Britax knows what their doing since they been at it a while

- fabric is real soft and won't irritate my daughters skin like her graco snugride did =(

I haven't installed it yet but will update the review once I do that =) Happy hunting!

UPDATE: I had the car seat installed by the CHP which I HIGHLY recommend. They show you how it should go in and how stable the seat should be when it is in correctly. I had to remove the seat later on and put it back in myself and I knew exactly how to do it. After I installed it myself I found that I had not put it in as tight as the CHP tech so I had my husband give it a go. It definitely needed the extra muscle and he was able to do it with no problem. FYI - this is all rear facing

I've been using this seat for about a month now and the only thing that I am not happy with is the velcro on the seatbelt. They put the velcro there so that you can stick the belt to the side walls of the seat so they are out of the way when putting your child in. The problem is, the hook part of the velcro can easily scratch your kid. I really dont understand why they didnt use the HTH velcro which is the hook velcro that is softer to the touch and mostly used on baby products. It's not a deal breaker but it is kind of annoying to have this great seat with this one stupid flaw that could have been avoid by using a better velcro.

UPDATE 12/5/13: Not like you don't have enough info to read I thought I'd add some more... Regarding the Velcro, I bought some loop velcro at the store and stuck it to the hook on the seatbelt. Problem solved and I no longer have to worry about her clothes snagging or her getting scratched.

One of the HUGS chest pads tore across the top. I called Britax and they quickly shipped replacement pads with no fuss. I also learned that in rear facing position the HUGS chest pads aren't needed which I now prefer. Since my daughter is on the littler side, the HUGS pads were really big on her when I buckled her all in. Of course when she she gets big enough for front facing I will reinstall them. I should also mention that removing them was easy and I didn't have to remove the seat to do so. I would also recommend registering your carseat when you buy it because it made the process of Britax shipping me the part that much easier.

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