New Safe Traffic System Ride Safer 2 Travel Vest, Blue, Large

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After I buy this New Safe Traffic System Ride Safer 2 Travel Vest, Blue, Small (Baby Product)
I've owned the Ride Safer Travel Vest now for nearly 2 years and have been Very Happy With It! This Is An Excellent Product!! One of the best I have ever used and I've used a lot of car-seats including other portable harness types and this is by far the Best Car-Seat alternative that I've ever seen!! It is very high quality made from long lasting durable materials. I found it very easy to use without any issues. Just take 5 mins parents and read the directions practice a few times and your good to go! Your child's safety is worth It! I work with a large variety of children including some with autism and other special needs and this vest has been a Fantastic Product to use that far exceeded my expectations. I've had kids as young as 7 and as old as 12 use this vest and they All Love It!! Many kids don't want to take it off and have asked me to wear it outside the car just for fun. They tend to think of it as a jet pack or parachute harness and the slick colors and American like flags on it were very appealing to the boys. All the children I've had use the RSTV have found it very comfortable to wear. The only minor thing I can think of is that the head pillow can tend to get in the way of the upper tether anchor straps though I've found most kids generally don't like using the head pillow anyway so it hasn't really been an issue. The only real negative is learning that the Company Safe Traffic systems new version 3 of this vest does not include upper tether anchors or a crotch strap. After inquiring information from the company they stated that many customers asked for a version without these features hence why they changed the vest to meet consumer demand but in doing so they agreed with me that their version 2 was a safer option which included the crotch strap and upper tether straps. The other disappointment to me is the lack of color selection as the company now only offers the vests in the blue and Pink color scheme. I was hoping to order another in the green, yellow, or red version but those colors were discontinued for some reason. I also believe if they were to make a version with army camo-colors with the American flags it would sell Very Very Well with Boys! Besides these relatively minor issues with the company the Version 2 Ride Safer Travel Vest is an Excellent Product that I would recommend to anyone!! A Wonderful Safety Vest/Harness For use with all types of Children Including an excellent safe inexpensive alternative for children with Autism and other special needs. I Highly Recommend Version 2!! Never sacrifice your child's safety for image or convenience! Again Excellent Product well worth the money!!

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