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Kiddy Cruiserfix

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After I buy this New Kiddy Cruiserfix Pro Car Seat, Rumba (Baby Product)
I have, until now, been a Britax mom, but am infinitely grateful to have stumbled upon the Kiddy Cruiserfix! It literally takes 3 minutes to install; 2 to read the instructions and one to lock it into place. I can't believe how easy it is! The k-fix connectors, which click onto the cars' LATCH anchors extend straight back, not sideways, so you push the booster seat straight against the seat (with space between booster seat and my cars' seatback at this point), it locks into place with an audible click, then you push a lever on the front of the carseat to allow the k-fix connector bars to retract back into the carseat while you push the cruiserfix back, effctively securing it tightly against the cars' seatback, and you're done! It took me 20 times longer to write this than to install the carseat.

I absolutely love the visible safety features.. I thought Britax was great but this one makes them appear a very poor second. The ease of height adjustments, as well as the leg extenders, couldn't be easier. Adjusting the height simultaneously adjusts the width of the head supports (side impact), allowing a bit of space between the supports and child's shoulders so the child's shoulders aren't eventually squeezed as he/she grows taller.

On the downside, my daughter was very disappointed in the color. We chose "rumba" because the picture makes it look dark rose, but it is, in fact, burgundy. Looks very boyish and not at all feminine. If you have a girly-girl, go with the lavender.

The other downside, and my biggest issue, is that in my car (2011 Kia sorento), there is no way to safely install this in the middle of the back seat, which is my preferred location for carseats. The k-fix connectors, extending straight back as they do with no option to angle them sideways, would leave the carseat completely disconnected in my car, with only the cars' shoulder strap keeping it in place (the middle of the backseat in my car does not have LATCH anchors, only the two outer seats. So in the event of a collision, the carseat is right next to the door, not in the middle. This is not necessarily the fault of Kiddy so much as Kia's, in my opinion. I would have loved an option to be able to connect the carseat to the interior LATCH anchors of both outer seats so my daughter could be in the middle of the car, which is what I did with our previous Britax carseat.

This is definitely worth the price! I would choose this over any of the similarly-priced Britax models any day. You won't be sorry!

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