New Graco FastAction Fold Jogger Click Connect Travel System/Click Connect 35, Chili Red

Graco FastAction

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After I buy this New Graco FastAction Fold Jogger Click Connect Travel System/Click Connect 35, Chili Red (Baby Product)
I am comparing the Graco FastAction Jogging Travel System vs. the BOB Revolution SE*

*I chose to compare against the BOB Revolution, as opposed to other the other BOB models, because we wanted the option of fixed wheel and swivel wheel.

I did a lot of research on the best jogging stroller and had narrowed it down to these two. We're currently expecting our first child, and will update this review after we've met our little one, so this review is only based on research. I am a light jogger and my partner runs 30+ miles per week. As we are only purchasing one stroller, we wanted our main stroller to be a jogging stroller. We made our decision and purchased the Graco FastAction Jogger Travel System. While price wasn't a huge factor, we do appreciate the overall value of the Graco system.


Dimensions: L: 40", W: 24", H: 42"

Folded Dimensions: L: 39", W: 23.6", H: 15.3"

Weight: 30lbs

Weight capacity: 50lbs

One-step folding


Dimensions (swivel mode): L: 46" W: 25.5" H: 40"

Folded Dimensions (swivel mode): L: 39", W: 25.5", H: 16"

Weight: 25lbs

Weight capacity: 70lbs (although most children will outgrow before reaching 70lbs)

Two-step folding

Why the Graco wins

We tested a few different strollers in store, and only looked at strollers with inflatable wheels, suspension, and specifically marked for jogging. I'm 5'8" and my partner is 6'0" and the Graco is a little more comfortable for us height-wise. If you are on the shorter side--say 5'4" and under--and a heavy jogger, you may prefer the BOB. If you are 5'10" or over, I'd recommend the Graco. At 5'8" I could go either way, but did find the Graco slightly more comfortable. Of course, if you can go to your local Babies R Us and try out the models yourself, that's best. The handlebar height is 40" on the BOB and 42" on the Graco. Neither are adjustable.

I liked the folding on the Graco better, as it's easier to be folded with one hand. The kickstand on the stroller to stand up while folded is a nice touch.

Included accessories: The Graco includes the parent's console--awesome, with the two rigid plastic cup holders, smartphone holder, and hidden compartment. Smartphones with 5in+ screens do not fit in the smartphone holder, but our iPhone 4s with rubber cases fit fine, and I've heard a naked iPhone 5 fits fine, while a case on an iPhone 5 may or may not work. But larger smartphones will fit in the hidden compartment. The child's tray, and wheel reflectors are also included. All of these must be purchased separately with the BOB and the parent's console is mesh on the BOB, which I didn't like as it didn't feel as sturdy. Additionally with the BOB, you have to buy the car seat adapter. And, the car seat!

I won't do a long review of the car seat, but the quality is important to us, and we feel the quality is on par or better than if we were to have bought the car seat separately. Besides the high safety ratings, we like that it is light, rated to hold an infant 4-35lbs., rear-facing, included infant insert, and is LATCH compatible.


Durability: I think the Graco is on par with durability with the BOB. Both have a metal frame and look they they can take a beating and certainly make it through infant to toddler, and another child. Contrary to the positive reviews I'd read about BOB fabric and canopy materials, I wasn't impressed, and felt the Graco fabric choices were higher quality. The BOB fabric looks like it will fade easily, and when looking at used BOBs on Craigslist, I noticed several noted a faded canopy.

Both strollers have the safety features of foot brake, wrist strap, and peakaboo window on top of canopy. Both canopy coverage was similar. Both strollers lack handle-bar brake.

Why the BOB wins

Suspension: The BOB does have better suspension, coil spring and elastomer core shock absorbers provide three inches of wheel travel. Adjustable shock release knobs allow for two shock positions to fine-tune suspension for varying occupants and cargo. This really made me lean towards the BOB at first, but we're not really trail runners and all of our running is done on level pavement. While we plan to take the stroller onto trails and beaches, we didn't think the suspension and shocks were as valuable there, given the other lacking features. But, if you are a trail runner or regularly run on uneven surfaces, this might make the BOB worth it.

Cost difference (online prices)

Graco system with carseat and attachments included: $300

BOB: $330 +carseat($150) +carseat attachment($55) +parent console($25) +child's tray($25) +tire reflectors($5) = $590

The Graco stroller comes in the following colors: RoadRunner (black/gray), Chili Red, Piazza (green), Grapeade (purple), Tangerine (orange), and Tidalwave (teal)

All are black or gray based with the color accent acting as kind of a "racing stripe," vroom!

Tip: For the carseat, if you do want the foot bootie (aka foot warmer or fabric boot) for your little one's tootsies, you can go to Graco Baby's website and find the SnugRide ClickConnect 35, find the color you like, get the product number of the item, and the fabric boot is available for purchase under the Replacement Parts section of the website for $13. Or you can call Graco and they'll do the order over the phone. While I couldn't find a bootie that matched the Chili Red, there is a bootie in black with white piping (called Lyric) that looks like a good match. Of course, color availability may change over time, so you might be better off making a phone call and asking.

Hope this helps with your purchase. Feel free to ask any questions about the Graco and I'll try to answer them. We're very pleased with our decision to get the Graco. Can't wait to meet our little guy and put this sucker to use!

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