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After I buy this New Kiddy Cruiserfix Pro Car Seat, Phantom (Baby Product)
We recently "downgraded" from our van (it died) to a small car (suzuki aerio) and needed to find a way to fit 3 kids back there. My two youngest are in radian car seats, which are very narrow. My oldest (5) recently graduated to a booster since she outgrew her 5 point harness by height. Now, if you've ever tried squeezing 3 car seats in the back of a smaller car, you know it takes blood, sweat, and swear words. And if one of those 3 seats happens to be a booster, it takes blood, sweat, and swear words on *Every single car trip*! So I was on the hunt for the seat that would be easiest to buckle.This seat fits nicely next to the rear facing radian. I do not think this would fit next to a forward facing radian. It puzzles in nicely. Its snug, but we were able to figure out a good "buckling technique" and now we've got it down! It takes no longer to buckle than it does a 5 point harness. The shape of the seat is key! It fits better than even backless. Notice how there's a few inches between the shoulder wings and the armrest where there's no side? Go look at other high back boosters. They don't have that. Its also narrower in the front than the back, and at the bottom than at the arm rests. This is what saves the skin on the back of my hand and actually makes it possible to buckle!

There's some pretty sweet safety features as well. I like that her head/neck is well cradled, and there's an energy absorbing "crumple zone" in the back of the arm rests where the seat belt hits. Neat! My daughter seems to like the legrest extension, though I don't think that improves safety. Its a nice comfort.

I never thought I'd pay this much for a booster (its more than most infant seats and convertibles!) but its worth it.. less than a down payment on a van, and its a pain in the butt enough to have to buckle 3 kids, one at a time, for each and every short little trip. If paying an extra $100 (over other brands like britax or diono) makes the process easier, faster, and saves me some skin on the back of my hands, then its worth it.

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