New Graco Ready2Grow Classic Connect LX Stroller, Metropolis

Graco Ready2Grow

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After I buy this New Graco Ready2Grow Classic Connect LX Stroller, Metropolis (Baby Product)
ok. i have a 2 and a half year old and a 6 month old. i have a BOB duallie for the beach, parks, and walks, but have been looking at double strollers for stores. when i saw this one i knew it was the best option for now and in a year.

assembly is ok, not difficult but not super easy. after i assembled it, it really seemed like they could have done it for us and just packed it in a bigger box. but, nothing is that easy. the only part i struggled with was the standing platform, you have to snap it on upside down and pull it through. it was just odd.

it is like 95% plastic pieces. i'm guessing they will be durable enough, but the wheels, the seats, the platform all snap on to other plastic pieces. i just hope it lasts for the other children we will be having in the next few years.

**update** ok first chicco carseat do NOT fit in facing you. but you can slide it in sideways. the baby can see you if they turn their head. and it sat deep enough, that i felt comfortable for a quick trip in to the store.

right now my older son rides up front and my baby sit in the "bucket seat". both love their position. my older child gets to see everything and my baby seems comfortable staring at me. if he wants he can see other people to the side or behind me. he also is more willing to sit in the bucket seat for longer than he ever sat in our chicco carseat travel system. i just think he has more room.

it is very difficut to get to the basket with a child in the front seat and the bucket seat attached. so i figured out that i need to put everything in the basket first and then the kids in. it is easier to keep everything loose in the basket, rather than trying to get into a bag when both kids are in.


assembly simple

drives nicely, can even steer using one hand if needed

folds easily

confortable seats

easy to adjust


very, very long when folded [we have a new explorer and it has to go in diagonal, no way it would fit in a small trunk]

many, many plastic pieces [will it affect durablity?]

strong chemical smell when taken out of box [it does go away, i'm assuming all the plastic]

ok and for my biggest CON. they have a 5 point harness on front seat and bucket. however, the shoulder straps easily detach from the lap belt, allowing the shoulder pads to fall off when folding. i have almost lost them several times, had i not looked down. if this didn't happen i would probably give this stroller 5 stars.

***i have switched to using it for the baby up front and my almost 3 year old sitting or standing. both love their new option, my 9 month old is content to sit and watch, and my older can hop on to stand or sit.

the shoulder pad issue is just obnoxious, that i took both off and have resolved to it taking a tad longer to attach all 4 disconnected parts to the crotch strap.

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