New Safe Traffic System Ride Safer 3 Travel Vest, Pink, Large

Safe Traffic

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After I buy this New Safe Traffic System Ride Safer 3 Travel Vest, Blue, Small (Baby Product)
I recently purchased the Ride Safer for our upcoming move to Shanghai, where we we will often be in taxis and cars that are not outfitted with a (US) standard LATCH seat. As a trial, I allowed my daughter to wear the Ride Safer on a 3-hour ride up to our weekend cottage. She got silly with her brother a few times and the lap belt became unthreaded from its loops. I warned her to sit facing forward only, but at her age (3.5), I think it was too much to expect her to sit still the entire ride when she technically had the freedom of movement. Thankfully the shoulder strap did indeed stay in its place, and for what it counts, she did enjoy wearing her "car seat vest". I think this will be a perfect solution to shorter car rides when I can keep an eye on her. For longer rides I will use with caution. So for the record, I am giving the Ride Safer only 4 stars in the hopes of attracting attention to the fact that the lap belt can and will become disengaged from its looping system if a child squirms around too much. Otherwise, it's a fine product and I plan to use it for my daughter as an alternative to bulky car seats.

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